CFD / Buildings / Environment

Our team of doctors and engineers in the fields of aerodynamics and structural engineering provides services based on "Numerical Wind Tunnel" for building and civil engineering applications.

From the very beginning of the project, our role is to help the

  • architects,
  • building design and heat engineers,
  • responsibles for sustainable developement,
  • energy/climate strategies specialists.


CFD simulations

A 3d CFD simulation of air flows and heat fluxes inside and outside the buildings allows to optimize and validate :

  • the aeraulic, heat and climatic aspects
  • the wind loading on the the buildings
  • wind and thermal comfort for the people
  • natural ventilation and double skin facades
  • indoor and outdoor climate and air quality


Cost reduction

Compared to an experimental approach in a physcial wind tunnel, CFD allows to reduce delay and cost, and to quickly validate different architectural options.

Furthermore, MaP3 Fluides favors open-source softwares in order to further reduce costs.